Friday, 9 October 2015

Tripling Absent Bacon


Mana-grain bread:
triangle slices of
sky, mountain, trees, and sun.
Nourishment of a promising morning.

Canoes of Polynesian pixies
carved into palms of trees
provide a shady welcome mat.
Pass Go the caged jungle gym.

A variety store displays tropical outfits.
The playful breeze
flicks the fronds of a black coconut tree
against a green Polynesian shirt.

Rustling siren leaves over three island benches
entice desirous hero faces,
Come, come, triple your dole here.
Trinity temptations: Riches, Pleasure, and ‘Malo, malo, you da man!’

Enter the cavern mouth of Chance
Going-nowhere breaths
stagnant over glossy black tabletops. 
Gloom-blue carpet hides the stains of loss
but not the whiff of burnt tobacco.
Skeletal greyhounds on betting screens
cheaper and easier to raise and transport than horses.
Jingles of pokie machines lure seekers deeper.
Asians in Pandora’s booth, Brownies in the game hole
exchanging life savings for imposter Fortune.
Animated crown jewels glare
Horus’ eye looks on suspiciously
Pharaoh faces to the left, to the left
- how far he has fallen.
SHOW ME THE MONEY in candy-pink bold. 
Buttons like fat money bags flash at you 
Bet1, (up to) Bet 20, Spin, Take, Win, Gamble.

            We have a winner! 
            One one-thousand, Two one-thousand seconds
            of a river gold-rush
            before the winnings are trickled back
            into the smirking slot, for another
            One one-hour, Two one-hour more.
            “Any luck?  I’ll try this one.  If not, then shit aye.”
            Mouths of females with masculine language. 
            Printed white sheets
            posted on fabric covered cork boards –
            obituaries of bank balances
            and family time.
            Brown faces accessorised
            with Made-in-China baseball caps
            that sport American champions.

Back in the outside world, sniggers of siren leaves
rain on op shop Wu-Tang jackets.
Go, go, take your empty pockets back to your hungry home.
Trinity tricks:  Riches, Pleasure, and ‘Faafetai lava, sucker.’

Polynesians buy a variety of Polywear
from Asian displays.
A purple pule tasi sun
sets on a lavalava flower.

The butcher has “Whole Beef, Lamb, Pig, Available”
but not for fractioned wallets.
Silver bullet shit-sheds - call 09 301 0101 for toilet tissues.
Call your relatives for “Pay you back next week, suga” issues.

Cross the zebra bridge again
walk the white planks.
DB Bitter boxer knocked you the fuck out.
Your Mana reduced to crumbs.

First published in the third volume of MIT’s (Manukau Institute of Technology) art journal,
‘Ika 3’.  

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