Monday, 1 May 2017

Trailing Through Tāmaki Makaurau

  1.     Images of a pixel galaxy
    glide across the underbelly of Stardome.
    Collective retinas dot-to-dot constellations.
    We pulse neon in the womb of genesis.

  1.     IMAX movie magic
    projects 3-D lips through darkness,
    past the row of popcorn kids
    to surround sound me a kiss.

  1.     Western Springs gangster geese
    waddle their feathered rumps to encircle tourists;
    hustling for bread – standard fees demanded
    for click-click-click of Nikons.

  1.     Chevalier, your waters tremor beautiful
    under the moon and the sun.
    When I dive beneath your skin-deep
    I dissolve into ballerina ocean.

  1.     At one end of Long Bay
    stands a cliff engraved with white noise
    that blares in the barnacle ears
    of hacked rock whales.

  1.     Bark-skin of fat octopus limbs
    spew from Albert Park’s dank incense earth.
    Feels like wooden elephants;
    smells like Papatūānuku giving birth.

  1.     Swollen dancer extends a butterfly greeting --
    temptation at Botanic Gardens.
    Beware of efflorescent thorns in fluorescent fields
    when the sun sets at Eve.

  1.     A crucifix of tubular lights
    carried up Mount Roskill by orange vest workers;
    Auckland Council Christianity
    burns noughts and crosses confessions.

  1.     An army of miniature green blades
    stand at attention in my backyard.
    A neighbour visits in his wheelchair.
    His feet do not bleed.

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